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The Marker Locker Black

Say Goodbye to Misplaced Markers

Welcome The Marker Locker Into Your Golf Routine

Our innovative patent pending golf accessory is designed to offer secure, organized, and easy-to-access storage for your golf ball markers. With The Marker Locker, you can quickly pick the marker of your choice, play your round, and replace it until next time – no more fumbling in your pouch or golf bag. It’s time to enhance your golfing experience.

Unlock Your Mark

Designed to elevate your golfing experience and show your unique style on the course.

Secure Ball Marker Storage

Secure Storage

Provides a dedicated space to safely store your golf ball markers, reducing the risk of misplacement or loss.

Easy Access to Golf Ball Markers

Easy Access

No more sifting through your golf bag, pouches, and caddy cases to find your markers. The Marker Locker offers easy & convenient access to your golf ball markers when you need them.

Golf Ball Marker Accessory


With The Marker Locker, you can keep your markers neatly arranged, allowing you to select the specific one you want quickly and effortlessly.

Style Statement

Style Statement

The Marker Locker is not just a functional accessory… it allows golfers to showcase their unique style and personality on the golf course.

Golf Accessory Gift Idea

Great Gift Option

With its practical and trendy design, The Marker Locker makes a thoughtful and fashionable gift for any golfing enthusiast in your life.

Golf Ball Marker Collectors Item

Collector's Item

Designed for the modern golfer, The Marker Locker makes a wonderful collectible item for golf enthusiasts who value their ball markers.

Patent Pending Features Golf Marker Locker

Patent Pending

We’re excited to share that The Marker Locker is more than just an idea, but a product backed by innovation and unique design elements that set it apart. Our commitment to delivering quality and originality is reflected in our ongoing patent application. We have taken the necessary steps to file for patent protection, underscoring our belief in the uniqueness and potential of our product. While the process is currently underway, the status of ‘Patent Pending’ signifies our dedication to safeguarding our inventive solutions and solidifies The Marker Locker’s position in the market as an innovative golf accessory.



Conveniently keeps your golf marker locker organized and accessible, Reduces the risk of misplacement, and offers a portable solution for easy carrying.


Door Latch

Ensures locker security by effectively securing the door, safeguarding golf markers from external harm and protects against the elements.


Push In Push Out

Utilizes a push-in, push-out mechanism to securely hold poker-size golf markers in place on shelves, preventing accidental displacement.


Magnetic Strip

Incorporates magnetic strips within the locker that holds and securely fasten your golf markers, preventing them from falling or shifting.

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Our Team

Meet the trailblazers behind The Marker Locker. With a shared passion for golf and a knack for innovation, our dynamic trio embarked on a journey to reimagine and reinvent golf accessories. Driven by the vision to enrich your golfing experience, they combined their diverse skills and experiences to create a unique, functional, and stylish solution to an age-old problem.



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