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Marker Locker

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Our innovative golf accessory is designed to offer secure, organized, and easy-to-access storage for your golf ball markers. With The Marker Locker, you can quickly pick the marker of your choice, play your round, and replace it until next time – no more fumbling in your pouch or golf bag. It’s time to enhance your golfing experience.

Estimated shipping – July 2024

*Ball markers not included.
*Carabiner included.
*The color of the navy blue carabiner material is navy blue.

Weight: 0.35 lbs
Dimensions: 6″ H × 2.3″ W × 2″ D

Please Note: The Marker Locker images are conceptual and should not be interpreted as a representation of the final production release. These concept images may differ from production in terms of design, features, specifications, and functionality. Reference our complete concept disclaimer and FAQs section.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ball markers included?

No. Ball markers are not included.

Is a carabiner included?

Yes. A carabiner is included.

Will other colors be available?

We will be releasing future colors. Please look for announcements and updates from The Marker Locker.

What is the carabiner color of the navy blue Marker Locker?

The color of the carabiner is navy blue. Not green.

Do I need to worry about durability?

No. Our product is made of a tough, heat-resistant polymer blend (PC-ABS) that will endure the bumps and turns on the golf course as well as when you throw your golf bag in the car. Rest assured, The Marker Locker is made to withstand all elements on and off the golf course!

What is your return policy?

Please reference The Marker Locker return policy here.

What will be different from the designed concept version to the final production version?

The locker door hinges will be placed internally within the door therefore creating a more durable, effective and efficient product.

Will all of my ball markers stick to the magnets inside The Marker Locker?

No. Ball markers that are made purely from metals such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, lead, gold, silver, platinum, and zinc will not stick to the magnets inside The Marker Locker.

Full Description
Say Goodbye to Misplaced Markers

The Marker Locker.  Unlock Your Mark!

Introducing our exceptional offer that combines security, organization, and convenience for golf enthusiasts. With the convenience of using whatever specific marker you prefer, you can customize your golfing experience to reflect your personal style. Experience peace of mind, efficiency, and effortless style with our remarkable locker that enhances your golfing experience like never before. Our innovative golf accessory is designed to offer secure, organized, and easy-to-access storage for your golf ball markers. With The Marker Locker, you can quickly pick the marker of your choice, play your round, and replace it until next time – no more fumbling in your pouch or golf bag. It’s time to enhance your golfing experience.
Compare Messy Bag with Marker Locker

Secure Storage

Provides a dedicated space to safely store your golf ball markers, reducing the risk of misplacement or loss.

Marker Locker Black With Golf Clubs

Easy Access

No more sifting through your golf bag, pouches, and caddy cases to find your markers. The Marker Locker offers easy & convenient access to your golf ball markers when you need them.

Marker Locker Blue Open Front View


With The Marker Locker, you can keep your markers neatly arranged, allowing you to select the specific one you want quickly and effortlessly.

Marker Locker Black Open Door Front Side View

Style Statement

The Marker Locker is not just a functional accessory… it allows golfers to showcase their unique style and personality on the golf course.

Great Gift Option

With its practical and trendy design, The Marker Locker makes a thoughtful and fashionable gift for any golfing enthusiast in your life.

Marker Lockers in Pro Shop

Collector’s Item

Designed for the modern golfer, The Marker Locker makes a wonderful collectible item for golf enthusiasts who value their ball markers.

Betting Games

Challenge your friends to a new way of betting on the golf course! Put your prized ball markers up for grabs instead of money. It’s a fun, unique, innovative, and engaging approach that adds a new level of excitement to your game. Win and you’ll add to your collection. Lose and say goodbye to one of your favorites. Get out there, compete with your buddies, and let the marker locker games begin!

Marker Locker Winner

Patent Pending

We’re excited to share that The Marker Locker is more than just an idea, but a product backed by innovation and unique design elements that set it apart. Our commitment to delivering quality and originality is reflected in our ongoing patent application. We have taken the necessary steps to file for patent protection, underscoring our belief in the uniqueness and potential of our product. While the process is currently underway, the status of ‘Patent Pending’ signifies our dedication to safeguarding our inventive solutions and solidifies The Marker Locker’s position in the market as an innovative golf accessory.

Marker Locker Features


Marker Locker PDF Page 2


Weight: 0.35 lbs
Dimensions: 6″ × 2.3″ × 2″

5 reviews for Marker Locker

  1. Billy Falconio

    Loving my new Marker Locker. I use to to hate digging in my bag for the pouch I used to keep my ball marks in and the Marker Locker makes it much more efficient. I can find all my favorite ball marks without the hassle of digging thru my golf bag. I love the slick look, I highly recommend this new product!

  2. Stella Howell

    Absolutely love The Marker Locker! I’ve struggled with keeping track of my ball markers in the past, but this accessory has been a game-changer. It’s sleek, durable, and keeps my markers safe and secure during every round. No more fumbling around in my pockets or losing markers on the course. It’s a must-have for any golfer looking to up their game and keep their accessories organized. Five stars all the way!

  3. Joseph Couture

    On one hand it’s a sick product to help me stay organized. It matches my bag color and looks like it should be there. On the other hand, it’s resulted in me buying more markers to fill it with. Is it a win win? Maybe.

  4. Shane G

    Great idea idea fellows. Not only does this this look really cool, but it equally as functional. Solves the irritating problem of hunting for markers when you need them! You guys have thought of it all, great job!

  5. Aaron Gibbs (verified owner)

    Great product. The magnets really hold everything in place. Now I will always know where those hard to find golf tools will always be. Looks good on the bag as well! 10/10

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